• Dear Abby: Man uses security cameras to spy on stay-at-home wife
    Dear Abby: I’m a stay-at-home mom with three children — all in school. We recently had security cameras installed around our house. However, my husband has taken to using them to monitor everything I do throughout the day. He will say things like, “What took so long to go to the dry cleaner?” or, “Why did you go outside at 11 a.m.?” I feel like a prisoner in my home! What should I do? No Privacy in the East Dear No Privacy: What your husband is doing is controlling and, frankly, creepy. This is what insecure abusers do to their significant others.
  • Horoscope for Saturday, 3/17/18 by Christopher Renstrom

    ARIES. (March 20 - April 18): Ruling Planet Mars is in Capricorn through May 15. Set goals high because nothing is impossible now.

  • ODC choreographer Brenda Way’s ‘News of World’ plays up #MeToo angle
    It begins with some “fake news.” A woman in a pert red dress collapses sideways into the arms of a man in a business suit, who joins his cronies in a shimmying dance of celebration. As quickly as those things happen they’re reversed, in a magical-thinking moment of collective amnesia. After that unnerving now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t feint, “News of the World,” an ODC/Dance piece seen in its world premiere Thursday, March 15, at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, gets down to some seriously indelible business about men and women.
  • 20 iconic rock album covers hijacked by cute kittens

    By day Alfra Martini is a New York-based graphics designer. But in her spare time, she enjoys replacing the bodies of musicians on classic rock album covers with kittens.

  • ‘7 Days in Entebbe’ completely fumbles the finish
    Movies go bad in all kinds of ways, but in “7 Days in Entebbe” the filmmakers found a brand-new way for their movie to commit suicide. It happens, remarkably, in the movie’s last 10 minutes, in a jaw-dropping flameout unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. Until then, “7 Days in Entebbe” is a tense and gripping historical thriller, re-creating the terrorist hijacking of an Air France airliner in 1976 and the hostage drama that followed. As anyone who buys a ticket to this movie will know, the drama culminated in a stunning rescue operation by Israeli commandos. So this is not a movie that people watch while wondering how it will turn out.

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